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All our yarns come in 38 colors,
Glo Bugs® come in the same colors as well as 5 different hook sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.

  Glo Bugs®

The Glo Bug® is an award-winning product that's been known to catch Salmon, Trout, and Steelhead time and time again! Anglers worldwide have attributed their success to the Glo Bug®.


  Bling Glo Bugs®

Glo Bugs® tied with our Bling yarn to give that already lethal fly an electric boost! Provides added visibility in low light or cloudy water! Hold on to your rod!

                                   FISH ON!

$0.90 each

  Glo Bugs®Yarn

Our most popular and versatile size, mainly used for tying Glo Bugs®.

(15 ft. per bag, approximately 8 mm. diameter)
$3.00 per bag

Glo Bugs® Small Fry

A smaller bag of our regular yarn that allows you to cost effectively choose more colors!

(5 ft. per bag approximately 8mm. diameter)
$1.25 per bag

Glo Bugs® Bling

Glo Bugs® Bling


$1.59 per bag

(5 ft. per bag, approximately 8 mm. in diameter) 


  Looking for something new and productive to add to your arsenal? Here it is! Glo Bugs® Bling It's Hot! It's our yarn with an absolute explosion of FLASH! It's available in our 38 fish eye catching colors. Use it for Glo Bugs®, add it to your favorite fly, conceal your hook, use it for dubbing, holds scent great! Your imagination is the limit! Ask for it by name at your sporting goods retailer. Not there yet? You can order it from our web site!


 Glo Bugs®Micro Yarn

Perfect for even the smallest flies.

(25 ft. per bag, approximately 2 mm. diameter)
$1.59 per bag

Glo Bugs®  Micro Bling

Glo Bugs® Micro Bling


$1.59 per bag

(15 ft. per bag, approximately 2 mm. in diameter) 


  Because  Glo Bugs® Bling Is working so well! We now have added Glo Bugs® Micro Bling to our line up. This will make your sucker spawn stand out above the rest! Add it to your favorite fly body to gain that irresistable edge!


 Ultra Chenille

Rich, thick, and full! Try it on sucker spawn, wooly buggers, wet flies, streamers San Juan worms, or egg sucking leeches. Makes great micro eggs! Comes in all 38 of our fish stopping colors! 

(10 ft. per bag, approximately 2 mm. diameter)
$1.25 per bag



 Glo Dubb


  $1.25 per bag

New nylon dubbing! Brilliant colors, super soft, and easy to dubb! Works well on streamers, steelhead fllies, nymphs, and many others!

 Glo Dubb Wool


  $1.25 per bag

Our Glo Dubb Wool is now available in all our colors! It is great for wool heads, sculpins,crabs, and many other fly bodies. When brushed out it becomes very shaggy and buggy!


 Glo Bugs®Fly Yarn

This yarn is smaller than our regular yarn and is used for flies and dots.

(15 ft. per bag, approximately 4 mm. diameter)
$1.59 per bag


Shipping (USPS or UPS Ground). Sorry no C.O.D.'s.

Shipping and Handling Charges:

Order Price Shipping Price
All orders flat rate: $4.00

International Shipping Charges:

Order Price Shipping Price
All orders flat rate: $4.00


Our return policy: If you are not completely satisfied with your order, simply return it to us within 30 days and we will return the entire amount of your order less the shipping charges. Exchanges can also be made within 30 days less the shipping charges. Please keep all packaging intact. Products with missing or damaged packaging will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Send returns and exchanges prepaid to:

The Bug Shop
P.O. Box 271
             Anderson, CA 96007


Alaskan Roe


Apricot Supreme


Baby Pink


Burnt Orange




Cotton Candy

Cream Delight

Dark Blue

Dark Brown

Dark Gray

Dark Purple

Dark Roe

Deep Dark Red




Golden Nugget

Light Blue

Light Brown

Light Purple

Light Roe


Niagara Gold

Oregon Cheese

Peachy King

Pink Lady

Salmon Egg

Shrimp Pink


Steelhead Orange

Sunrise Yellow
Tetra Yellow



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