Tying Glo Bugs®

1.  Secure the thread to the hook.


2.  We start tying with 3 strands of Glo Bugs® Yarn that are about 18 inches long (You can add or subtract the number of strands depending on the size of Glo Bug® that you are after). Pinch the Glo Bugs® Yarn tightly between 2 fingers.  Put theGlo Bugs® Yarn on top of the hook all at once, wrapping it in the center 4 times. (Do not let the yarn slip around the hook)


3.  Pulling the Glo Bugs® Yarn back, wrap the thread directly in front of the yarn behind the eye about 8 times.


4.  Circle the Glo Bugs® Yarn at the base 3 times. (Keep the yarn pulled up on top of the hook)


5.  Fill in front of the Glo Bugs® Yarn to the eye with thread.


6.  Whip finish or half-hitch the thread and cut it off.


7.  Holding the Glo Bugs® Yarn verticle, cut all at once in a slight arc.


8.  Fluff the Glo Bugs® Yarn down with your fingers and trim round.

Tips for tying Glo Bugs®

We have tied over 1,000,000 Glo Bugs®! There are many different methods and styles of tying, but this works best for us. We can finish a Glo Bug® in under 1 minute. Our Glo Bugs® are round with the bottom completely filled in. With a little practice you can be tying quality Glo Bugs® fairly quickly. To tie a dot, add in one contrasting color. Keep it on the top as you tie. Glo Bugs® Fly Yarn or Micro Yarn works great! …  Tension is very important. Keep as much tension as your thread will bear especialy as you tie the yarn to the hook… We recommend a ceramic bobbin… Shears should be very sharp. The sharper the shears the smoother the cut will be… If you are tying more than one Glo Bug® at a time you can use a length of Glo Bugs® Yarn to tie with, as opposed to using small pieces. Make it from 12 to 18 inches long and tie off of one end.


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